Next Generation Impact is all about developing business models and creating networks. The trip to Bosnia last week was dedicated to visit a furniture factory and a textile factory.

The one thing I’ve learnt over the years is that property rights and confidence are the factors which make a country successful. Investors, companies and entrepreneurs are leaving a country when there is much uncertainty involved in all major decisions. Look to the Ukraine or most of the countries after the Arab Spring.

Driving around on B20160407_110233osnian roads may not substitute statistics but they give you a good impression of a country. There are still too many war relics as the one you see on the picture.

Talking with people you sense that there is confidence missing. That is also reflected in statistics. The World Economic Forum has Bosnia on 111th place (out of 140) in its Global Competitiveness Index and Transparency International ranks Bosnia somewhere in the middle.

There is much to do and we can be a part of this development.