A leading researcher in the field of social entrepreneurship liked to compare actors in the social sector to ships. There were big tankers but also speedboats and submarines. Social innovation is comparable to this picture. Social innovation is happening in a lot of places from local communities to global blue-chip companies.

One big area for Next Generation Impact is corporate social innovation. We understand it as an umbrella term what some would call shared value, some would call collective impact, while others would call it “the right thing to do”.

Next Generation Impact understands as corporate social innovation the application of the corporate machinery (manpower, networks, media exposure, equipment, skills) to the solution of a social problem.

There might even be a link to social business model innovation as social enterprises understand it.

Type of Innovation Description
Opportunity Creation Creation of new entrepreneurial opportunities for the target group
Smart Distribution Development of distribution channels to reach customers
Ecosystem Engineering Combination of initiatives to change an existing ecosystem or create a new ecosystem
Cheap Sourcing Identification of underutilized resources to support the provision of the service
Smart Pricing Use of pricing innovations to facilitate the consumption of the services
Inclusive Production Inclusion of disabled persons or persons with special skills in the production process

Next Generation Impact will work on models to push corporate social innovation and might even take inspiration by looking at the Buriganga River pictured above.