Social Investment Manual

If you are a social entrepreneur looking for ways to set up your financing structure this manual might be of interest to you. The social investment manual explains the financing process and gives an overview of the social investment landscape.  Below you find an example of the questions social entrepreneurs have to ask in order to determine which financing instruments are right for them.


Financing options

 The appendix provides a comprehensive overview of the different actors and who are providing different forms of capital.


Social Investing – Fundamentals of an impact-first investment strategy

If you are thinking about social investing you may find this manual interesting. It was co-authored with Björn Strüwer from Roots of Impact and outlines the necessary steps to determine a impact-first investment strategy.

The manual is structured along four guiding questions:

  1. Mission: What do I want to achieve?
  2. Return: What return do I expect?
  3. Structure: How should I invest?
  4. Dealflow: Where do I find my deals?

Especially the first question is of great importance and we’ve suggested three perspectives to think about social problems:

  • Chronological perspective (at which stage do I want to intervene?)
  • Social problem perspective (do I care more about poor housing or language skills?)
  • Sector perspective (should it rather be education or health care?)